Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello World - Time to Kick It!

I can't help but to start my first blog post off with a picture of my son taking a ride in a Lamborghini being driven by a good friend of mine. The theme is to hit the ground running at high speed while maintaining control.

In so many ways that is what Data Collection Software does for companies. The high speed days of pulling inventory and shipping to customers while the workforce is taxed and could really use another worker. How does a warehouse manager cope with this and the paperwork that goes along side it?

Data Collection is the Lamborghini of speed for this situation.  This blog is dedicated to writing little truths and techniques I have come across in my 30+ years of experience.  I hope you find something that is of use that helps you in your day to day activities.  Hello World, I am blogging :)

All in a statement I heard from Bob Parsons and hold close to my heart:

We are not here for a long time, We are here for a good time!

Happy Scanning


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