Friday, February 17, 2012

OrbeSoft 6.3.2

OrbeSoft Inc. has released the latest version of its OrbeSoft® Barcode Data Collection Suite. 
With this release OrbeSoft adds support for Microsoft Excel Spread Sheets.
• Read
• Write
• Format
• Print
• Generate PDF Documents

This new feature allows the software user to read, write, format, print and export Excel Spreadsheets. This feature has been used to automate PDF generation of invoices, shipping documents and notifications, in addition to editable workbook reports.

All new Windows CE/Mobile Client
• Full Screen Lock Down Capability
• Expanded client configuration including remote management and auto update capabilities
• Enhanced Remote Terminal Control, view and control remote terminal session include any host emulation session and real time log generation.

New System integration capabilities
• VT/420/220 
• Console

OrbeSoft bring all its host emulation power to both system running VT/420 like QAD’s MFG Pro and system with console interface like SAP’s SAP Console. 

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